Leonello Bertolucci

Leonello Bertolucci

Born in Liguria, Leonello Bertolucci came to Milan in the 80s to be a photographer and he was. Right from the beginning he took up a career as a reporter, collaborating with italian magazines and press agencies; he started later some international collaborations e.g. with Sygma agency in Paris. Some of his photos are published in Time, Newsweek, Stern, Paris-Match, Epoca etc.
He started and ran the photo agency Prisma for some years. Meanwhile he continued taking pictures. Some of his photobooks have been published, some exhibitions presented, while he organized cultural events, conducted stages and courses, carried out a consulting service in the editorial and multimedia field. He has a poetic collaboration with Pulcinoelefante Editions. Also he has filled the role of photo editor for magazines.
Reviews such as Fotopratica, Il Fotografo, Nuova Fotografia, Photo, Photographia, Techno Photo, Gente di Fotografia, have been interested in his works.
Leonello Bertolucci’s passion for photography is constant and if every so often his eye and mind need a rest, his view-finder returns to sailing on the waves of the sea of his Cinque Terre and of his Salento.

Leonello Bertolucci's Specialities: Celebrities & Entertainment, Editorial, Portraits, Travel

  Italy, Milan

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