Guntur Primagotama

Guntur Primagotama is a professional photographer who specializes in corporate and industrial photography. Guntur has worked with many national and international clients, photographing a wide range of objects including office buildings, plants, production processes, offshore oil rigs, mining facilities, and people at various kinds of work.

Years of experience in corporate and industrial photography have taught him to work under extreme weather or situations. Making steady aerial shots from a helicopter, under the heat of the sun, or with swarming mosquitoes are some of the challenges he has to overcome. “I guess my keen interest in traveling, hiking, and camping eventually pays”.

Having an academic background in history is important for Guntur. He always takes time to do in-depth research about his clients. “If you dig a bit more into your client, you also understand their perspective and what they want from you. And this gives you a clearer picture of what kind of pictures you’ll have to shoot.”

Guntur Primagotama's Specialities: Advertising, Aerial, Editorial, Portraits, Public Relations

  Indonesia, 16514 Jakarta

+62818144496 Website
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