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Kenneth Limportfolio

  Hong Kong, Central
Hong Kong professional photographer providing wedding, portrait, and event photography services.
Specialities: People, Portraits, Wedding

Alex Hoffordno portfolio

  Hong Kong,
A Chinese "Cultural Revolution" ballet entitled "The Long March Suite - The Red Army is Undaunted by the Long Expedition" is staged by the Beijing Military ...
Specialities: People

Son Galleryno portfolio

  Hong Kong,
Wilson is a professional photographer. He has his career in the field of photography and graphic design for years. In 2002, he started to run his own workshop.
Specialities: People

Peter Steynno portfolio

  Hong Kong,
Peter Steyn has been a travel photographer for the past 15 years and has captured special moments and places in almost 70 countries around the world.
Specialities: People
  Hong Kong,
Mark is a gradute of RIT BFA Photo Illustration and has degreses in Art and Graphic Design.
Specialities: People

Digifocalno portfolio

  Hong Kong,
Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, I first began photography as a child and have crafted my creative vision over the years, inspired by music, design, art and the beauty of my environment. It is my goal to create provocative photos that celebrate the extraordinary but also capture the simple mo...

L'Atelier Photoportfolio

  Hong Kong,
L’Atelier Photo is a French photography company, based in Hong Kong and dedicated to corporate communication, editorial and advertising clients. Our mission is to establish and reinforce the image of your company, by creating high quality photos with sense and estheticism.

Oat Chaiyasithno portfolio

  Hong Kong,
the documentary photographer who believes in the perfect moment of ‘Once in A Lifetime Memory’.

Beyond the proficiency and technique, I put my heart in every shutter to create unconditional beautiful photos to make ‘Your Forever be Forever’.

With passion in portrait, a graduation ...

Emilio Navasportfolio

  Hong Kong,
Studio based in Hong Kong specialized on Weddings, Pre-Weddings and Boudoir sessions. European style as we were running our studio in Spain since 2010 before open in Hong Kong.
Specialities: Fashion, People, Wedding
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Why you should choose a photographer serving Hong Kong?
There are many reasons why someone would hire a professional Hong Kong People photographer ... Some People photographers offer video shooting as well. Hiring a Hong Kong People photographer is an important decision that requires researching local photographers, learning a bit about photo equipment and style and finding the right personality. Be aware that some of the better People photographers are booked up to 2 years in advance. Be sure that all of the details are clearly outlined in your contract with your Hong Kong People photographer. By hiring a creative, experienced and reputable Hong Kong People photographer, you can ensure that you'll get high-quality and professional photos.

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