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Box Cube Photography Studio strives to provide the very best in wedding story telling experience among the numerous Edmonton Wedding Photographers. I pride myself in freezing memories in time that endure across generations. I take the utmost care in ensuring that your love story is told in the most genuine way possible via your wedding album.

Your wedding images become one of the only living memories of your beautiful wedding day. Considering how much planning and and care goes into a wedding, selecting a photographer to tell your wedding story is not an easy one. My goal is to create a memorabilia that will bring tears of joy to you even as you sit down to enjoy it with your grand children.

Why Me?
I love the people who work with me. And they end up loving me back as well. I put my heart into every image I create and thus the images that you get will bring you joy for years to come! This is one of the most important days of your life and there should be no compromises when it comes to your wedding.

There is a lot that need to be considered when you choose your wedding photographer! Here are some things that I think play a huge role in the selection process.

As part of your wedding photography, the photographer spends a huge amount of time (almost all of it) with you on you wedding day. It is extremely important that the personality and character of your wedding photographer matches and compliments that of you and your family. As part of my commitment to creating a relaxed atmosphere at the day of the wedding, I include a complimentary engagement session with my all of my wedding packages. This gives me a great chance to work with you and get you comfortable.

No I am not talking about what I wear… I am talking about the images that you will get in your final album and the design of the album itself! Here is what you should consider? Do any of the images in the slideshow above or in the blog speak to your heart? Do you see them and imagine yourself in one of the images? Well then we are a match made in heaven. Every photographer brings his own style of composition and post-processing and it influences how their final images turn out.

On the surface, wedding photography may appear simple; turn up on the day of the wedding, snap some photos, done! Unfortunately it is not. I take the time to meet the bride and groom multiple times before the wedding. An initial consultation is usually followed by a detailed conversation going over the layout of the wedding day as well as planning for the engagement session. Usually a week before the wedding, I scout the location that the wedding will take place at to ensure that no issues arise on the day of the shoot.

Before the wedding itself, I prepare my main set of equipment and a backup set of equipment to ensure that your day is as stress free and relaxed as possible.

Ready to get in touch?
You can contact me by going to the Contact page or by sending me an email at or if you are like me (kinda impatient) you can always call at 780.293.2379

I provide wedding photographer services in Edmonton, Calgary, Lacombe, Fort Mcmurray, St. Alberta, Red Deer and surrounding areas. Located somewhere else? I love travelling and we can do a destination wedding!

Box Cube's Specialities: Fashion, Portraits, Wedding

  Canada, Alberta, Edmonton
Apt 202, 10845 86th Ave

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