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30 Best DIY Softboxes, Spiderlites, Light Modifiers

and other lighting solutions

Here`s a list of DIY photography lighting solutions that are cheap, easy to make and effective.
Notes: Listed in no particular order. And yes, you can tell us if there is any other solution that you feel suits best in this list.

36" DIY Softbox (Umbrellabox)

Made of an umbrella, using: silver spray paint, black spray paint, white shower curtain, sticky back velcro and masking tape.

Sofbox by Alex Campagna
Alex Campagna Softbox

Very lightweight and also really strong and costs about 35$.

Stevo Softbox
Stevo Softbox

This weekend was gloomy and wet outside and a perfect opportunity to have a go at some creative studio lighting DIY style while having a lot of fun!

Diy Softbox /Octobox
DIY Octobox

Octobox made from silver umbrella. Cheap and portable.

Cerebral Gibberish Spiderlight

The goal of my design was to build a Spiderlite all from off-the-shelf parts while needing only basic tools (IE: screw drivers, needle nose pliers, etc..) to assemble it and to provide light controls similar to the Westcott Spiderlite TD5.

eketjall Softbox

How to build a 40x40cm softbox that looks similar to, and even folds like, top brand softboxes.

DIY Umbrella Softbox
Umbrella box
Foldable Kitebox

A lightweight foldable softbox with a diffusion area about 70×70cm, folds down to a 30×3cm round package.

Guide to DIY soft box and light stands
softbox and lightstands
home made soft box
Nice Collapsible DIY Softbox
nice softbox

Beautiful softbox with spiderlite project.

Build A "Westcott Spiderlite TD3" Backlight Kit
Back-Lit Slope Backdrop
Back lit slope

Product photography tent proved pretty useless in the past so I though "Why not make the background brighter than the foreground?"

CFL Based Continuous Light Source
cfl spiderlite

This tutorial by photographer Lyle Ball and it shows how to make a light fixture that resembles the awesome Spiderlite TD5.

Collapsible DIY Macro Studio With Popup Laundry-Bag
Joe Edelman's Cheap Fluo Lighting

"I began using this fluorescent lighting technique nearly 10 years ago, long before kino-flo’s and Peter Hurley became popular. I have been asked to describe it so many times that I decided it was time to put together a few tutorials to show how to build it and how to use it."

Creating A Video Setup With Homedepot Lights

If you are looking at video productions it is often seems that there are big lights, big setups and big budgets involved. Surprisingly, this is not always the case.

Introduction To Worklights Photography
DIY CFL Lightbar
DIY Westcott Spiderlite TD5 Barn Doors
Russian Softbox
DIY Octobox
How to make a DIY Kino Flo for $60
Cheap DIY Lightbox
20"x20" DIY Softbox for Speedlights
DIY softbox II
The $10 DIY Foamcore Softbox

"How I built the softbox used to take the image on the left. It is a 40cm X 40cm foamboard softbox that accepts a strobe."

116x116 cm softbox DIY
tent softbox
Ikea Tent Softbox
ikea tent softbox
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