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Top reasons to hire a professional photographer

Top reasons to hire a professional photographer

Whether it’s for a wedding, a family reunion or even just to capture everyday family photos, there are lots of great reasons why hiring a professional photographer is a good idea. Instead of relying on a friend or relative (even if they have a great camera), here’s why you should hire a professional to get the job done.


This is especially true of big events like a wedding. A professional is there to do a job, and that’s how they will spend their time. They will dedicate their time to capturing the photos you want, whereas a friend or relative, no matter how well meaning, may be distracted by socializing and veering more toward wanting to be a guest moreso than a just your photographer. A professional will take the time to ensure that all the best shots are covered, that the camera equipment is clean, charged and in good working order, etc. This is their job and their reputation is on the line!

Professional equipment

Although it’s true to some extent that a camera is only as good as the person using it, it’s also true that professional-level cameras up the ante on the quality of photos one can achieve. Speciality lenses, higher resolution, better flashes – all of these things make professional camera equipment more versatile in achieving the kind of photos your event deserves. That being said, the best professional equipment won’t matter in the hands of an incompetent photographer, so it’s always best to hire one with a good reputation, preferably one about whom you have received a word-of-mouth recommendation from a trusted source.


This is where hiring a friend to take your event photos gets tricky. What if something goes wrong? Do you really want that hanging between you for the rest of your relationship? True, hiring a professional doesn’t guarantee that mishaps won’t happen, but a professional photographer will always have a backup plan in place. For example, a professional would never show up at a wedding without having at least two cameras, memory cards, and backup batteries. Professionals will know to regularly switch memory cards so that should one of them become corrupt, not all of the shots from the day are at risk. Similarly, should the photograph be ill on the day of your event, he or she will have a trusted stand-in at the ready to cover the event for you.


No one wants to imagine the worst happening during their wedding, but the harsh reality is that no matter how well-intentioned, professional and prepared a professional photographer may be, sometimes bad things happen. Let’s say a wedding guest trips over the photographer’s tripod and injures himself. What happens then? A professional photographer will have liability insurance that will cover the incident. Uncle Frank probably doesn’t have such insurance. What’s more, many wedding venues insist that anyone working on behalf of their client must have valid and adequate insurance.
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